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Expertly Designed Swing Gates

At Automated Perimeter Security, we provide tailor-made Swing Gates for a wide variety of clients and industries. The requirements and siting of the Swing Gates are always unique to you and your premises.

Whatever your security and safety requirements are, and wherever you are based in the UK, we can offer you a dedicated team of experts to help you choose, create and install your car park barrier.

Commercial Swing Gate Options

We offer two Sliding Gate options Automatic & Manual. Below is the benefits of each system.

Automatic Swing Gates

• Free risk assessment with every installation
• Tailor-made Gates to your requirements
• Available in lengths up to 7m (per leaf)
• Fitted with the latest safety equipment, including photocells,
resistive safety edges and safety road induction loops
• Compatible with any access control system

Manual Swing Gates

• A highly cost-effective solution to vehicle control
• Available in lengths up to 8m (per leaf)
• Long lasting and low maintenance
• Easy to operate and simple to install

Customised Swing Gates

We offer bespoke Swing Gates that are expertly made to your specifications. The reason all Swing Gates are bespoke is the requirements and siting of the Gate are always unique to you and your premises.
There are a wide variety of Access Control options to suit individual requirements.

Quality assured Swing Security Gates

Not only are our Swing Security gates installed by a dedicated professional team, but you can rest assured that they’re regulation-compliant, too.

Automated Perimeter Security Swing Security Gates comply with BS/EN 12453 and we fit a number of safety devices as standard.

Customised Access
Control Options

The following can be fitted with the minimal electrical work or can be integrated with your existing security systems.


intercom access
Remote control

Key switches

Loop detectors


It is recommended that the aforementioned access control methods be backed up with a form of safety and close system. Accessories available: Traffic lights, Stop/No entry signs, warning sirens, safety loops/photocell beams, end support posts, standard and dual height card reader/intercom posts.

Alongside our UK-wide installation service, we offer:

• A dedicated project management team that will work with you to create a security package that’s right for your needs
• Browse a wide selection of manual and automatic Sliding Gate designs – and customise your Gate to your needs
• Benefit from a free site visit and consultation and a full risk assessment to ensure your Sliding Gate System will be situated safely
• Our expert installation team will site your barrier quickly, efficiently and safely with minimum disruption
• Our dedicated maintenance department, will ensure everything is always exactly as it should be

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