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Protect Your Premises with Electric Bollards

Sometimes Security Gates aren’t best suited to providing the safety you need on your premises, especially if you don’t have much room or you need to stick to a tight budget.

Automated Perimeter Security’s electric bollards are a cost-effective and less intrusive alternative to security gates while still providing you with the peace of mind you need. Despite their small size, they’re robust and easy to install, making them ideal for protecting driveways and car park entrances.

What you get with our electric bollards

Our tried-and-tested driveway bollards are among our most popular products, installed in locations all over the UK. With Automated Perimeter Security’s bollards, you get:
• Up to 500 operations a day
• We install remote control fobs and safety loops for road induction, giving you complete control over your driveway bollard system
• A choice of two finishes: Urban Grey RAL7015 powder coat finish as standard or a Stainless Steel upgrade for your electric bollards
• A choice of sizes – large or small – to suit your needs

Quality meets ease-of-use with our electric driveway bollards
One of the best things about our driveway bollards is that they’re designed to be easy for anyone to use, without sacrificing quality.

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Benefits of Bollard Security Systems

They’re built to operate simply and smoothly: you essentially control them with a remote ‘on-off’ switch. Plus, they’re assembled in a way that makes them incredibly cost-efficient — and cheaper for you — while still meeting the highest requirements.

They’re the result of a careful market survey that sought to find out what customers really want from a bollard security system – automatic bollards are also a winner.

Simple Bollard Installation

for domestic and commercial properties

When you choose your electric driveway bollards – whether manual or automatic bollards – from Automated Perimeter Security, we’ll conduct a full survey of your property first to ensure that your bollards are installed as efficiently as possible.

Once you’ve purchased, there’s no need to worry about installation: we’ll send an expert team to do that for you. All of our staff are trained to carry out installations with the proper care, in such a way that minimises any disruptions to you or others in the vicinity.