Automated Perimeter Security

Automated Perimeter Security

Which Automated Gating System Is Right For My Business?

Electronic gates at your business premises can fulfil many desirable traits, whether you’re looking to enhance your perimeter security or add a splash of sophistication to your building’s aesthetic. You’re in luck! Electronic gates can do both. Here at Automated Perimeter Security, we offer a selection of automated gating systems to suit your business. Here are our top suggestions on the types of gates you should consider first.

Underground gate kits

With this type of gating system, they are most suited for small to mid-size office premises. The name does what it says on the tin; the mechanisms are hidden underground, so you won’t see most of the hardware that makes these gates work. This means underground gate kits are very secure and make it difficult for people to tamper with them. The underground aspect means the system is protected from harsh weather conditions, such as torrential rain and frost.

This type of gating system is not recommended for heavy-duty commercial usage. The system needs to be more vigorous to handle heavy daily usage of the extremely high number of cycles required by a business that sees a lot of large commercial vehicles. An underground box can easily be damaged if a large HGV rolls over it, and it only needs to happen once!

Above-ground swing gates

Hydraulic above-ground swing gates are versatile and can be used across individual homes and commercial businesses. They are usually mounted directly onto a wall post or column and utilise rams to open gates. They are a great choice if you’re a commercial business looking to automate your gates on a budget.

Hydraulic arms are one of the better options for heavy-duty commercial purposes, as their robustness enables them to handle the high number of cycles needed for these sorts of sites.

Cantilever gate kits

A common choice for heavy-duty commercial businesses is Cantilever gate kits. They complement the choice for commercial gates that are very heavy and built in the palisade style for extra security value. These gates’ opening and closing mechanisms require a lot of power, especially with the high number of cycles it has to handle. The self-locking motors make them even more secure and decrease the risk of damage and vandalism than other gates, so break-ins are near-impossible! Cantilever Gates are also one of the quieter choices as they have a greater elevation from the ground. The amount of benefits without downsides is why they are the number one electric gate choice for your business.

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