Automated Perimeter Security

Automated Perimeter Security

Top benefits of having access control for your security system

Suppose you’re looking to add another layer of security to your premises or amp up your business safety. In that case, access control might be a good option for you! Access control can have a significant impact on enhancing your security. Automated Perimeter Security can supply your system in different forms, such as key cards, coded door locks, and electric gates.

This blog will discuss the essential benefits of having an access control system and what it means for your security.

What is access control?

By name and by nature! Access control is how you can control specific people from coming in and out of a location. In terms of business premises, you can monitor when employees or clients can enter your building. Whereas in a residential manner, you can control visitors, workers or even a member of your household from gaining access to your home. In a nutshell, access control gives you the peace of mind that you have the authority to allow who goes where and when.

Why is access control important?

To make a long story short, access control allows you to decide who can come in and out of your building or site. Having this system in place can vastly improve the security of your premises. You can keep track of who has entered and vacated each room.

Although security is a huge benefit, it isn’t the only advantage. Adding an access control system can restrict specific areas of the premises. This means you can keep your staff safe if they try to access a particular place that may be deemed unsafe.

Three key benefits of access control

Being in the know

Having a record of who has come in and out of each room can be extremely helpful for security and safety reasons. In a fire or another emergency requiring everyone to evacuate, you can access an attendance list to know how many people you need to account for when evacuating.

Saving time and money!

Like any set of keys, they always go missing, but you have more control with an electronic key. You can immediately terminate entry cards from the system if they go missing. You can have peace of mind that no one unauthorised has access to a key they shouldn’t have. They can also help you reduce likely costs, including new door locks for an entire site or building in a worst-case scenario.

Preventing criminal activity

Access control allows you to restrict unauthorised personnel from accessing specific areas. Business crimes aren’t always external jobs such as theft and vandalism (although access control can also prevent this). This can also be highly beneficial for preventing internal crimes by preventing certain staff members from accessing sensitive information or private areas in a personal residence, for example, your home office or garage.

Access control is efficient in keeping you and the people around you safe. It can give you the peace of mind that you have full control of your security and allow people to move freely through the building at your discretion.

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