Automated Perimeter Security

Automated Perimeter Security

How Does The Weather Affect My Automatic Security Gates?

We all know the British weather can be unpredictable at times. Especially the harshness of the winter season. The rain, sleet and snow can affect our day-to-day lives, never mind our functionality of electric gate automation systems. But not to worry!

Automated Perimeter Security knows which areas of concern the different weather conditions pose and how to solve these issues. Keep reading to see our tips and tricks on making the most of your automated perimeter security system.

Oh Snow!

We all love a sprinkling of snow during the winter to get us in the Christmas spirit. But there can be additional issues caused by the winter weather, and snow is the root cause of many electric gate malfunctions.

The snow can disrupt the beam between the two sensors of your electric gate, and the sensors become blocked, stopping the gates from functioning as they should. Fear not! The simple solution is to regularly wipe away the snow from the sensors, ensuring your gates are working again!

As you know, with snow comes ice… This frosty devil can play havoc with the tracks on your electric gates. The tracks can become clogged, which can disrupt the movement of your gates. Snow and ice can physically block the tracks, trigger the obstacle detection function, and prevent the gates from moving.

It’s Raining. It’s pouring!

Especially living in the UK, electric gates are built to withstand heavy rainfall. However, continuous, prolonged and heavy rain can affect the underground motor function of your gates.

The soakaway features inside the foundation box allow excess water to drain away. Water will get into these boxes, but it should not be an issue as long as sufficient drainage and the motor will not sit fully submerged in water for a prolonged time. The placement of your foundation box is very important. For example, if it sits at the bottom of an incline, the motor could become fully submerged if there is heavy rainfall. One way to avoid this issue is to ensure a drainage channel to divert water flow from reaching the foundation box.

Blow you away!

Strong winds can cause issues with your electronic gates, but this entirely depends on the type of gate you have. An iron gate with an open pattern is less likely to cause any issues with strong winds because wind can pass through the gaps in the pattern.

If you have a close boarded gate, they will experience high wind resistance. However, a simple solution would be installing stronger electric gate openers. Suppose the issue continues after following the above advice. In that case, it may be in your best interest to get in touch with one of our qualified engineers.

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