Automated Perimeter Security

Which Automated Gating System Is Right For My Business?

Electronic gates at your business premises can fulfil many desirable traits, whether you’re looking to enhance your perimeter security or add a splash of sophistication to your building’s aesthetic. You’re in luck! Electronic gates can do both. Here at Automated Perimeter Security, we offer a selection of automated gating systems to suit your business. Here […]

Top benefits of having access control for your security system

Suppose you’re looking to add another layer of security to your premises or amp up your business safety. In that case, access control might be a good option for you! Access control can have a significant impact on enhancing your security. Automated Perimeter Security can supply your system in different forms, such as key cards, […]

How Does The Weather Affect My Automatic Security Gates?

We all know the British weather can be unpredictable at times. Especially the harshness of the winter season. The rain, sleet and snow can affect our day-to-day lives, never mind our functionality of electric gate automation systems. But not to worry! Automated Perimeter Security knows which areas of concern the different weather conditions pose and […]

Four Benefits Of Having An Electric Driveway Gates

Are you looking to add an extra layer of security to your home? Or make an upgrade to your driveway? Automated Perimeter Security is pleased to offer a professional installation service for your electric driveway gates. Having your own electric gates is an exciting feature to add to your home and can improve your overall […]