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Our collection of products can be viewed below. For each product, Automated Perimeter Security can be enlisted to fit new Automated Security Equipment or to Maintain, Repair or Upgrade your existing equipment.

At Automated Perimeter Security, we provide tailor-made Access Control for a wide variety of clients and industries. The requirements for Access Control are always unique to you and your premises.

Custom Access
Control Options

We understand that controlling who can enter and leave your property is
important, which is why we offer a number of access control
customisation options, including:

  •  Keypads – A code is entered into the keypad and the equipment opens.Keypads can be simple stand alone units or integrated into PC based systems.
  • Proximity cards – The users card is placed over the reader, which reads the information. Assuming the card is valid, the barrier/gate opens. Card readers can be simple stand alone units or integrated into PC based systems.
  • Intercom Access – Communication takes place between the slave station at the barrier/gate position and security or reception. A push button is activated to operate the equipment. Video intercom units and GSM intercom units are also available as standard.
  • Remote control fobs – Communication takes place between and Fob and a Reciever this is a great option to open the barrier/gate from your vehicle or close premises.
  •  Key switches – This option is availiable to keep the barrier/gate in the open position if required.
  • Induction Loop – An Induction Loop is cut/placed into the ground around the barrier/gate. The vehicle drives over the floor-mounted Induction Loop, the equipment opens. Safety and closing can be by Induction Loop.